Referees. Perhaps one of the most universally-hated groups of people in the world of football – and they’re not even the ones playing the game. Yet, the beauty of organized sports is that most of them cannot be played without referees.

This blog, as its name implies, is about the 23rd player on the pitch. It aims to give a little bit of insight into the world of those people who know the rules of football better than anyone, are just as fit as the ones who actually play the game (despite often being 10-20 years older than them), and who do it not for a multi-million pound salary, but simply because they love the game.

P23 is meant to be a space to analyse. To discuss. To not simply say, “That’s a penalty,” but to say why it’s a penalty. I am a referee but not a professional one, and I don’t claim to be an expert. But I will share what I think, and why I think it. And I hope you do too.

The Person Behind the Blog

My name is Quentin, and I am a referee based out of Vancouver, Canada. I am a fan of Chelsea FC, and while I will try to stay unbiased, don’t bet on it. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at player23thereferee@gmail.com or feel free to drop me a line on Twitter as well.