Macron’s Announced As UEFA’s New Referee Kit Supplier

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Adidas’ stranglehold on the contract to produce referee kits for UEFA competitions seems to be over, with Italian company Macron becoming the official match kit provider for referees in UEFA-branded competitions. It’s a big contract for a relatively small company, but upon further examination, not as unexpected a move as you might think.

In case you weren’t aware, Macron already has an ‘in’ with UEFA – they were chosen to be the kit supplier for UEFA’s Kit Assistance Scheme last November, which means that they are providing kits—subsidized by UEFA—for eight of Europe’s smaller national teams.

This contract is likely what got Macron the referee kit deal as well, beating out (presumably, anyways) the likes of Nike to replace Adidas.

The reaction on Twitter, however, has been less than complimentary so far.

Personally, I don’t see what the big fuss is about. They’re pretty inoffensive, to be quite honest – certainly a lot more palatable than some of Adidas’ past Champions League offerings have been.

They’re available in four colours – black, neon yellow, neon blue, and neon pink. With the exception of the pink, the colours more or less mirror the current Adidas sets, and even then, pink isn’t a completely left-field choice, with it having been a colourway regularly used in Italy’s Serie A. There is no green kit to speak of, and although Adidas does have a green set in their 2018 line, it hasn’t been used in UEFA competitions, so it’s no surprise that Macron is sticking to four.

Like I said, I’m pretty neutral on these kits. I’m partial to yellow referee shirts being more on the neon-yellow side than golden-yellow, so I’m pleased with this one. The blue shirt, a little less pale than the Adidas kit, looks quite nice as well. It’s hard to screw up an all-black referee kit, and I actually don’t mind the pink one either. With the highlighter shades of yellow and blue on display, I think the pink complements the set better than a traditional red kit would have.

These kits will be used for the first time in the Europa League and Champions League finals, which is interesting. I assumed that UEFA’s partnership with Adidas ran until the end of the season, since no sports team or organization typically switches uniforms mid-season. I’m guessing that the rest of Adidas’ contract was simply bought out, allowing the Macron kits to be on display for the finals.

I’m expecting Gianluca Rocchi and his team to trot out the yellow kit in the Europa final, with Chelsea’s blue and Arsenal’s red ruling out the blue and pink options and Arsenal’s likely black GK kit ruling out the black option as well.

The CL final colour is a bit more up in the air, with any of the black, yellow, or blue options possible depending on which GK kits are chosen. Alisson will go in either yellow or green for Liverpool, while I’d presume Hugo Lloris will be in purple for Spurs. The purist in me hopes to see Skomina and co. turn up in all-black, but who knows.

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